About Us




Being friends since grade school, Stephen and Justin had similar outlooks on life. Family and friends was almost always the top of their list and next came sports. So when the opportunity arised to start a business, and to not only start a business that they were passionate about, it was a no brainer for them to begin something that they knew people would truly love and enjoy. Being heavily involved in the hemp community and determined to show everyone an experience that they could offer people, an idea to start a CBD subscription service was born. Not only was it a subscription service, it was a LUXURY subscription service. At the time this was purely just an idea. Unfortunately at the time of all this both of the gentlemen were facing family problems due to illness. Stephens grandfather had developed Alzheimer’s and Justin’s mother had been diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. The two friends knew the potential of CBD and how it could help aid their family’s illness. Stephen and Justin started developing a product that was remarkably helping each of their family members. Their idea had soon grown, and was becoming a reality. They wanted to provide people with the same high quality product that they were giving to their family, only in a way that they could receive it with the upmost convenience. Soon Le Ć Boutique was born.