This is the best thing ever!! I have rheumatoid arthritis and have tried many medications and on my fifth day after starting this service I felt better than I have in years!! Thank you Le C Boutique!!

Marie Taherro from Ft. Lauderdale FL

I purchased my first box from Le C boutique and received it last week. I purchased it for generalized anxiety and to help me relax. I didn’t really notice a difference using it the first few days until I didn’t take it on Saturday, thinking it’s the weekend I don’t need to manage my stress and holy smokes was I wrong! I didn’t realize the daily anxiousness (heart pounding, general feeling of being on edge) that I have been dealing with that was miraculously gone until my box came! until now I appreciate that I didn’t know the effects of CBD would make me feel like myself only now able to manage my daily life more effectively.

– Dan Questal from Providence, R.I.

Used the calm balm after my workout for my shoulder that had surgery last year. Felt the relief in minutes!

– George Rossly from Tinton Falls, NJ

Our dog Bella gets terrible shakes and jitters all throughout the day. Gave her the healixer drops and shes been acting completely normal now! Hallelujah!

– Gwen Alasia from San Fernando, CA.